High-Speed Rotary Unions

Talco, Inc.’s high-speed rotary unions (sometimes referred to as rotary joints), are used in manufacturing processes to permit the flow of heat transfer media, such as steam, water, thermal and hydraulic oil, or coolant, from a stationary supply pipe to a moving part such as a rotating drum or cylinder. The liquid or gas medium is contained within the rotary union with the use of a mechanical seal and seal ring.

The design and construction of the rotary union varies depending on its application.  Talco, Inc.’s rotary unions are available in single- and multi-passage flow configurations.  In the single-flow rotary union, the heat transfer media flows in only one direction through the joint. The medium enters at one end of the cylinder and exits through the other end, making only one passage through the joint. In the multi-passage rotary union, the heat transfer medium makes multiple passages through the same joint either in the same or different flow directions.

Talco, Inc.’s high-speed rotary unions are capable of containing very high pressure while rotating at high speeds. The materials used in the making of the high-speed rotary unions are aluminum, carbon steel, and, upon request, stainless steel, which provides outstanding corrosive resistance. We offer a variety of sizes in both American and Metric. We specialize in custom design that provides our customers with the exact specifications that they require. Speak to our knowledgeable and personable sales staff and they will be happy to assist in the creation of the prototype that will meet your needs.

Typical industrial uses for Talco, Inc.’s high-speed rotary unions include steam dryers, rubber mills, extruders, calendar rolls, air clutches, laminators, press rolls, manufacturing of machines, hydraulics, Machining Centers and related applications.

Series 900 Rotary Joint, High Pressure

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