Single Passage Rotary Unions

Single-Passage Rotary Unions, also known as Rotary Joints, can be used for various applications within all types of industries. The Single-Passage Rotary Unions can be used to move oil, air, water, steam, industrial gases, hydraulic fluids, Vacuum, as well as other mediums. The transfer of the medium in the Single-Passage Rotary Union is in one direction through the joint. An outstanding feature is that media can be moved at high speeds and at high pressures.

All models of Single Passage Rotary Unions are available with Right- or Left-Hand Thread on the Rotor. There are also various housing options available. All of our Single- Passage Rotary Unions can be constructed from Stainless Steel upon request for outstanding corrosion resistance. All Single-Passage Rotary Union models are CAD and RFQ Interface Enabled.

For your convenience, Talco, Inc. offers two series of Single-Passage Rotary Unions, the 2200 Series and the 2300 Series. Within the two series we offer a range of sizes for Rotor Threads and Housing Threads in both American and Metric Units. If the size you are looking for is not listed, Talco, Inc. will customize the Single-Passage Rotary Union to your specifications. For further information on the specifics on either the 2200 or 2300 series, please refer to their respective pages, or contact one our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff.

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