Wafer Processing Unions

Talco has been manufacturing rotary unions since 1962 and has been a supplier to wafer processing tool manufacturers since the mid 1980’s. Over this period we have developed a wide array of unions for the passage of such problem media as DI water, strong acids, bases and abrasive slurries, as well as less aggressive media such as air, vacuum and cooling water. We offer both standard products and custom designs fabricated from industry recognized non-contaminating materials as well as strict product confidentiality. Whether you require a union for a new application or are striving to make an existing product more dependable, we are eager to serve you.

All Wafer Processing Union Models Are Available With The Following Options:

  • Variety of Non-Contaminating Seal and Material Options
  • Designs For Use With DI Water, Acids, Bases, Slurry, Air, and Vacuum
  • Non-metallic Fluid Contact Areas
  • Stock Unions and Custom Designs Available
  • Clean Room Assembly